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Why Would Anyone Cut a Tree Down?

Kids playiing on a long branch on a tree

About the Book:

Why Would Anyone Cut a Tree Down?  Book Cover

Some children and adults are unaware that in order to reduce tree hazards, protect other trees, or to get wood, it is necessary to cut trees. This book is intended to raise awareness of the issue. It also features tips for planting a tree.

Why Would Anyone Cut a Tree Down? is a 41-page book published by the U.S. Forest Service Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry. It features 28 full-color, hand-painted illustrations. The book is intended primarily for 1st to 3rd graders, as well as parents and educators.

It was written by Roberta Burzynski and illustrated by Juliette Watts, two long-time Northeastern Area employees who work out of Newtown Square, Pa.
Why Would Anyone Cut a Tree Down? is available for sale through the Government Printing Office.

To order printed copies of this book visit: Government Printing Office



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April 17, 2013