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Urban & Community Forestry Resources

Sample Urban & Community Forest Management Plan & Guidebook


These files contain a simple, easy to use urban and community forestry management tools.  The 'sample' U&CF Management Plan provides a useful template that has been used by dozens of communities to put on paper a strategic approach to the management of public trees. The sample plan is not based on an actual community, but a fictitious one that exhibits characteristics of a typical medium sized municipality.

The "Guide to Completing a Street and Park Tree Management Plan" provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete a plan similar to the one outlined above.

These documents are easily adaptable and can be modified for the specific variables that may be found in individual towns or cities.  Please feel free to suggest changes or modifications to the template. 

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Inventory Templates

  • Sample Management Plan(PDF format - 73KB)
  • Guide to Completing a Street and Park Tree Management Plan (PDF Format - 884KB)