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Forest Sustainability and Planning


"No one can predict the future—how people will live, or what exactly they will need—but it is possible to foresee the likely effects of some of today's decisions and to make choices that honor the interests of present and future generations"
(President's Council on Sustainable Development 1996)

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Landscape Scale Conservation in the Northeast and Midwest
Ensuring Healthy Ecosystems Across All Ownerships and the Rural to Urban Continuum

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Sustainability is a complex idea involving environmental, social, and economic factors. Forest sustainability considers the following:

  • How to retain and use forests to meet human needs.
  • How to preserve the health of forest ecosystems in perpetuity.
  • How to make ethical choices that preserve options for future generations.

The role of the USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area and State forestry agencies in sustainable forest management is defined as follows:

  1. Use the seven internationally recognized criteria of sustainability to organize and communicate information on forest resource conditions and uses.
  2. Support inventory, monitoring, and assessment to provide a comprehensive picture of forest conditions, management, and resource uses.
  3. Coordinate conservation, management, and protection programs and partnerships.
  4. Provide education and communication opportunities for professionals and the public.

USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry programs contribute to sustainability.

For more information contact:
Sherri Wormstead
Sustainability and Planning Coordinator or 603-868-7737