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Forest Sustainability and Planning


Sustainability Assessments

How healthy and productive are our forests? What will happen to our forests if current rates of development continue? How will this impact future water and air quality, recreation, and our country’s forest-related economy?

These questions about forest sustainability demonstrate the strong ties among the environmental, social, and economic aspects of forests. In order to manage our forests for long-term sustainability, we need good information to guide our management decisions.

Sustainability assessments are conducted to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the wide range of conditions that affect forest sustainability. Criteria and indicators are often used to assess and plan for forest sustainability. The criteria define broad categories, or goals, for sustainable forest management and the indicators provide specific measurements within each criterion. The Northeastern Area and the Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters have agreed to monitor a base set of 18 forest sustainability indicators.



Links to sustainability assessments using criteria and indicators

Links to other types of sustainability assessments


For more information contact:
Sherri Wormstead
Sustainability and Planning Coordinator or 603-868-7737

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