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Forest Stewardship

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Landscape Scale Conservation in the Northeast and Midwest—This paper describes the foundations of collaboration that are used as the US Forest Service (Eastern Region, Northeastern Area, Northern Research Station, the Forests Products Laboratory) and the Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters work across the landscape to maximize our impact and effectiveness.

Landscape Scale Conservation in the Northeast and Midwest
Ensuring Healthy Ecosystems Across All Ownerships and the Rural to Urban Continuum

Are you a forest landowner looking for voluntary, long-range conservation planning assistance tailored to your goals and the capacity of your land?

One of the most highly rated sources of such assistance across the country is the Forest Stewardship Program. You will be provided with advice not only on the trees, but also on the forest’s other plants and flowers, the wildlife, the soil, the water, and the aesthetic value. The advice can also include information on habitat projects, timber sales, and tree planting.

A forester or other natural resource professional will personally meet with you, listen to your goals, and examine your property. You will receive a Forest Stewardship plan that meets your goals while assessing the health, capability, and care of the forest. Plans are prepared by natural resource professionals from the private sector, public sector, or both depending on the state.