A Technical Guide to Urban and Community Forestry (cover)
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Introduction & Publication Info.

Value of Urban Trees
  Psychological and Aesthetic   Values
  Social Values
  Historic Values
  Environmental Values
  Monetary Values
  Economics and Decision Making

Basic Horticultural Principles
  Basic Needs
  Air And Water In The Soil
  Soil Compaction
  The Root System
  Structural Strength Of Crowns
  Plant Stress

Urban Forestry Planning
  Long-range Planning
  Short-range Planning
  Site-specific Planning
  Management Planning
  Work Plans

Tree Selection and Site Design
  Urban Change
  Space For Trees
  Climate Microclimate
  Land Use
  Tree Selection Considerations
  Providing Space For Trees
  Designing For Root Control

Planting and Early Care of Trees
  Handling Before Planting
  Preparing The Planting Hole
  Preparing And Setting The Tree
  Staking And Guying
  Pruning And Training
  Water Management
  Soil Management
  Pest Management
Maintenance of Established Trees
  Hazard Inspection
  Pruning Guidelines
  Traffic Control
  Insect And Disease Control
  Fertilization And Aeration
  Tree And Stump Removal

Preserving Trees Affected by Development
  Identifying Trees To Be Preserved
  Preparing A Tree Location Map
  Assessing Potential Impact To Trees
  Soil Alterations During Construction
  Location Of Tree Roots
  Tree Preservation Techniques
  Post-Construction Site Reassessment

Utility Arboriculture
  Common Concerns

Tree Politics
  Decision Making Process
  Technical vs. Value Decisions

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