A guide to Street Tree Inventory Software
Authors:   Gene A. Olig
Robert W. Miller
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Cover Page
Table of Contents (with publication page numbers)
Chapter 1 — Introduction
bullet point Introduction
bullet point Choosing an inventory program
bullet point Evaluation procedures
bullet point Developing an inventory database
Chapter 2 — Software Overview
bullet point Software providers
bullet point Program customization
bullet point Program data options
bullet point Discontinued program
bullet point Data collection
bullet point Data entry time
Chapter 3 — Software Descriptions
section 1 Canopy
section 2 Inventree (Knude Company)
section 3 Inventree (Solutions by Lehman)
section 4 Silvibase
section 5 TreeKeeper for Windows
section 6 TreeKeeper Jr.
section 7 TreeKeeper Online
section 8 Tree Manager for Windows
section 9 TreeMaster
section 10 Trims '97
section 11 Urban Forest Inventory
section 12 Urban Forest Inventory System
section 13 Urban Tree Management System

Publication funded by the USDA Forest Service Urban Forestry Center for the Midwestern States Gene Olig is a Natural Resources research assistant at the University of Wisconsin — Stevens Point Robert Miller is a professor or urban forestry at the University of Wisconsin — Stevens Point