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Backyard Woods, bring your vision to life

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Backyard Woods provides you information on how to properly care and maintain your wooded property and maximize your enjoyment. In addition to finding tips on planning your landscape, attracting wildlife and proper tree care, we have included activities designed to get you and your family outdoors and enjoying your backyard woods. Visit to view or order Backyard Woods materials.

Tip Sheets (expanded information on each Backyards Woods chapter)
  1. Make A Master Plan
  2. Work Safely With a Chain Saw
  3. Protect Your Property From Wildfire
  4. Identify and Manage Hazardous Defects in Your Trees
  5. Keep Your Woods Healthy
  6. Attract Wildlife
  7. Protect Clean Water
  8. Help Your Preferred Trees Grow
  9. Prune Your Trees
  10. Plant Trees
  11. Grow and Collect Special Forest Products
  12. Generate Wood Products