2-marked treehopper     The 2-marked treehopper is a small, darkbrown insect with two yellow spots on the center of its back. It has a thorn-like projection over the head and jumps when disturbed. Adults are approximately 1/4 inch long. The nymphs are black with white markings and often have spinelike structures extending from their abdomens. Treehoppers are widely distributed throughout eastern United States.

    Both adults and nymphs suck sap from walnut leaves. Often they can be seen feeding on the lower leaf surface or on the leaf rachis. Although they may be abundant within a plantation, their feeding habits do not appear to cause serious damage. However, female adults can damage twigs when they deposit eggs into small slits made by their ovipositors. After the eggs are laid the female covers them with a white frothy "plug" that later turns brown. After the eggs hatch, the slits remain evident as scars for several years. Treehoppers are present on walnut trees throughout the growing season.

    Control is usually not necessary.

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