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Resources for Landowners

Congratulations on being a forest landowner! Did you know that 66% of the forests in our country are in non-federal ownership? How you care for and manage the forests on your land contributes significantly to the quality of life in our country.

Forestry can significantly improve air and water quality, reduce the probability of catastrophic wildfire, create suitable habitat for fish and wildlife and improve opportunities for recreation and scenic beauty on your property. We encourage you to consult with a professional forester for advice on how to best care for you land. To learn more about how to care for your land and where to get assistance, our Forest Stewardship Program can help.

One of the biggest threats to our forests is the loss of land to development. If you are interested in keeping your land in forest through the use of conservation easements, our Forest Legacy Program may be of interest to you.

Insects and Diseases are another significant threat to the health of your forest. For more information about insects and diseases in our area, visit Forest Health Protection.

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