Living with Fire: Making Wise Choices

Fire has always been a part of our natural landscape and it always will be. How do we make wise choices concerning wildland fires?

The intent of this poster and website is to compare and contrast the Native American use of fire as a tool with the wildland fire situation today. Can fire still be an effective land management tool today? If so how do we make wise choices concerning it?

The poster and the website is broken down into four sections:
  1. Native American use of fire: what did Native Americans use fire for? How are the fires they started different from the fires of today?
  2. Unmanaged wildland fires are still occurring today. What are the most common causes of unmanaged wildfires? The answer might surprise you!
  3. Managed wildland fire: what are the benefits of managed wildland fires? How can it be done safely?
  4. Wildland fires are occurring more and more frequently near properties at risk. What can be done to lessen the risk of a property from wildland fires?

Link to Unmanaged Wildland Fires. WILDLAND FIRES NEAR PROPERITES AT RISK Native American Use of Fire

Bullet Point. Native American Use of Fire

Bullet Point. Unmanaged Wildland Fires
Bullet Point. Managed Wildland Fires
Bullet Point. Wildland Fires Near Properties at Risk

orange bullet point. The Science of Fire
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