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Fire & Aviation Management

State Fire Assistance (SFA)

The Northeastern Area of the US Forest Service through the State Fire Assistance program provide financial support and technical fire program assistance within the 20 northeastern states. These are given directly to state forest fire protection organizations to enhance the firefighting capacity of state, local, and rural organizations.  Funds maybe passed to organizations approved by the state to conduct special projects. These not only include assistance to local fire agencies, but community-based wildfire hazard mitigation efforts, fire plan development, and fire adapted ecosystem restoration. Grants provided under the program are on a 50-50 cost share basis and allow state and local matching funds to leverage the federal investment. 

There are two primary areas of emphasis:

  • Preparedness – Increase the ability of local, rural, and state organizations to provide coordinated fire protection and mobilization for fire suppression on both federal and non-federal lands.
  • Hazard Mitigation - Supports state coordinated hazard mitigation activities in the wildland-urban interface, focused on reducing property loss, decreasing fuels hazards, increasing public awareness, developing fire plans and citizen-driven solutions in rural communities.

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Eligible Applicants :   State Forestry Organizations or organizations selected by the state to pass along funds to designated projects.









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