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Forest Health Protection—Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt Fact Sheets and General Information

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Forestry Images is a joint project of The University of and USDA Forest Service.

The overall objective of Forestry Images is: to provide an accessible and easily used archive of high quality images related to forest health and silviculture, with particular emphasis on educational applications.
How to Identify, Prevent and Control Oak Wilt. USDA Forest Service, O’Brien, Mielke, Starkey, Juzwik An overview of oak wilt, with color illustrations.
How to Collect Field Samples and Identify the Oak Wilt Fungus in the Laboratory USDA Forest Service, Pokorny A guide for professional arborists and plant disease clinics.
Oak Wilt Purdue University, Pecknold Good basic information, with photos.
Oak Wilt - Ceratocystis fagacearum Kansas State University Extension Concise fact sheet.
Oak Wilt Distribution in the Northeast USDA Forest Service map Distribution of oak wilt by county.

"Oak Wilt: People And Trees" CD

USDA Forest Service, Haugen and Juzwik

Three PowerPoint slide shows: Oak Wilt (the main presentation; presents background, symptoms, management options), Management Scenarios (demonstrates how prescriptions are developed for specific situations) and Oak Wilt look-a-likes (describes problems often confused with oak wilt disease).

Oak Wilt image Collection.

Other publication resources.

Resources for further assistance.

Oak Wilt (USDA Forest Service Insect and Disease Leaflet #29 Rexrode & Brown, 1983 An older publication, but still relevant


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