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Forest Health Protection - Invasive Plants

Weeds of the Week

Note: Since most of the pdf documents below are large in file size due to high resolution graphics, please allow sufficient time for downloading. PDF files require the Acrobat Reader program. You can download the Acrobat Reader free of charge. Please read our disclaimers.

Amur Cork Tree Goat's-rue Princess Tree
Autumn Olive Goutweed Privets
Bradford Pear Guelder Rose Reed Canary Grass
Brown Knapweed   Russian Olive
Bull Thistle Japanese Barberry Sheep Sorrel
Canadian Thistle Japanese Honeysuckle Siberian Elm
Chinese Silvergrass    
Chinese Yam Japanese Knotweed Silk Tree (Mimosa)
Chocolate Vine Japanese Pachysandra Spotted Knapweed
Coltsfoot Japanese Spiraea Sycamore Maple
Common Buckthorn Japanese Stiltgrass Tree of Heaven
  Johnson Grass  
Common Burdock Kudzu Tropical Soda Apple
Common Periwinkle Leafy Spurge Wild Chervil
Common Reed Lesser Celandine Wineberry
Crown Vetch Mile-a-Minute Winged Burning Bush
Dame's Rocket Multiflora Rose Winged Euonymus
English Ivy Musk Thistle Yellow Starthistle
Exotic Bush Honeysuckles    
Exotic Wisterias Oriental Bittersweet  
Hoary False Madort or Hoary Alyssum Pale Swallowwort  
Garlic Mustard Periwinkle  
Giant Hogweed Porcelainberry  



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