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Ice Storms—New England

January 5-10, 1998

Limbs of trees covered in ice.Update: Overnight on December 11-12, 2008, the Northeast suffered its worst ice storm in a decade. The storm affected parts of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. After the storm in January 1998, we established this website to provide information to aid in the recovery from the storm. It has been updated to help with this year's storm.

The devastating ice storm that struck Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont , and northern New York on January 5-10, 1998 left a continuing legacy in urban and rural parts of the region . The devastation seriously affected people and the economy. State and Federal forestry agencies are cooperating effectively in a regional program of forest recovery. The Northeastern Area, State & Private Forestry created an Ice Storm Recovery Team in the Durham, New Hampshire Field Office. The team's mission is to be leaders in recovery and restoration of urban and rural forests damaged by the storm, and to minimize the economic, social, and ecological impacts the event had on the region. The work focuses on:: (1) damage assessment, (2) expert assistance, (3) recovery and restoration, (4) information and education, (5) long-term conservation, (6) long-term monitoring, and (7) wide use of taxpayer dollars. This site contains general information, landowner assistance, damage assessment information, publications, links, photo gallery, and events. For more information, you can contact us.

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