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Forest Health Protection—Asian Longhorned Beetle Video

Asian Longhorned Beetle: First Line of Defense

Picture of Asian Longhorned Beetle.This video was produced by the USDA Forest Service in May 2001. The video explains how to:

1. DETECT the signs of ALB attack on trees
2. IDENTIFY the adult ALB by its key characteristics
3. REPORT the suspect finds

The target audience for this video includes people who spend time in the crowns of urban trees ... especially workers in the tree-care industry, utility line workers, arborists, urban foresters, landscapers, nursery workers, and master gardeners.

We need your assistance in finding ALB infestations. This non-native invasive species has entered the United States in the wood of crates and pallets. Infested trees have been detected in the metropolitan areas of New York and Chicago. Infestations may have started in other locations that received infested wood packing materials from China. Our goal is to eradicate all ALB infestations. Early detection of an infestation is crucial to successfully eradicate this beetle.

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* View the entire 13 minute video. (High Resolution 67 MB .avi file / you will need a broadband or T1 line connection)  
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* Order this video for multiple viewings and training sessions.


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