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Forest Health & Economics

forest health and economics alternating images Forestry Images from forestry images web site. Forest Health Protection programs emphasize protecting the long-term health and sustainability of our forests. Our major responsibilities are to assist the States with implementing their forest health programs and to provide forest health support on National Forests and other federal lands. Activities include identification and evaluation of insect and disease problems, provision of resource materials and management recommendations in forests and nurseries, training in hazard tree management, and assistance with major forest pest control projects.

Programs and Services
  • Invasive Insects & Diseases: Insects and diseases can be introduced in many ways. Often, they have no natural controls in their new environment, and pose great threats to our forests.  
  • Invasive Plants: Invasive plants aggressively compete with and displace native plants. This can result in destruction of forage and habitat for wildlife, loss of grazing land, lower land values, lost forest productivity, reduced groundwater, soil degradation, increased risk of wildfires, and diminished recreation.  
  • Forest Health Management: We direct and implement measures to prevent, retard, or suppress unwanted, native and nonnative invasive insects, pathogens, and plants affecting trees and forests.
  • Pesticide Use and Management: We provide technical pesticide information and coordination on the use of pesticides in the Northeastern Area.
  • Survey and Technical Assistance: We conduct surveys to detect forest health conditions and provide technical information in the form of publications and other resource materials.
  • Technology Development: We find new answers to forest health problems through GIS, modeling, development of biological control, and other projects.
Resources and Publications