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Grants & Agreements Administration & Management

The Grants & Agreements Administration & Management (GAAM) office works with state and local governments, institutions of higher learning, and both non-profit and for-profit organizations to accomplish many objectives such as diversifying local economies; protecting lives, homes and natural resources from uncontrolled wildland fires; and assisting with forest stewardship. They work closely with program specialists in the NAS&PF headquarters (Newtown Square, PA) and field offices (Durham, NH; St. Paul, MN; and Morgantown, WV) to service public grants and provide agreements management in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Current Fiscal Year Expanded State and Private Forestry Allocation for the Northeastern Area

This competitive allocation process is a significant way that the Northeastern Area (NA) is helping State Forestry agencies achieve the priorities of their respective state-wide forest resource strategies while meeting the regional and national priorities of the US Forest Service. more >>

Background Information

These documents give background on what grants and cooperative agreements are, how they differ, and guides for managing them throughout their effective periods.

Cooperative Agreements

Grantee's Reference Guide for Managing Forest Service Grants & Cooperative Agreements

Grants and Agreements Desk Reference


How to Apply for Grants Through NAS&PF

A complete, well-written grant package is important in being successful when you apply for a grant. This section has detailed information and templates for preparing your proposal. Please review all of the documents and any additional instructions provided in the request for proposals for the grant you are applying for.

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative an interagency program directed by the Environmental Protection Agency for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to target significant problems within the region.

GLRI Guidance for Landscape Tree Planting

Narrative Formats Includes general guidelines, program-specific templates, and details on the Federal laws governing the different program areas.

Budget Detail Format

Title VI - Nondiscrimination Federal grants are awarded in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This document provides details.

Justification for Noncompetition Generally, Federal funds are awarded through competitive processes. This document gives details on those cases which are not competed, and provides information on the justification needed.



Frequently Asked Questions

In response to recurring questions that have been asked regarding grant awards and grant management, the Northeastern Area will address questions that have a broad interest or application and post the responses here.

Monitoring Grants

Status of Financial and Accomplishment Reporting

Report Status

Expired Grants Within 90 Day Closeout Period

Expired Grants Exceeding 90 Day Closeout Period

Current FY Project Funding Status

Interim progress and final reports are required. Here are some templates for providing these reports.

Sample Format For Progress Report

State Fire Assistance Grant Progress Report Format

The forms to submit financial reports (SF-425, SF425A) are here.

WERC Final Summary Report

WERC Final Accomplishment Report



The training materials below provide an overview for Forest Service program staff to review and approve the SF-270 form, Request for Advice or Reimbursement

How to Review and Approve a Request for Grant Payment Using the SF-270 Form

Training Documents

These training materials give you the information you need to apply for and manage Federal grants and cooperative agreements.

How To Complete An Application Package For Grants & Cooperative Agreements - 4/14/2016

Training Documents

Other Resources

Complying With Civil Rights Requirements: Your Responsibilites as a Partner With the Forest Service

Financial Advice to States (Current Fiscal Year)

Grants and Agreements Office Contacts

NASPF Program Area Contacts

Partners Federal Assistance Coordinators in the states served by NASPF

Required Nondiscrimination Statements and USDA/Forest Service Logos