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JFR Booklet

Get your own Adventure Guide, "Become a Junior Forest Ranger." It’s full of fun activities that teach you about forests and will help you become a Junior Forest Ranger. Finish all the activities and send us the Junior Forest Ranger Official Form. We'll send your official Junior Forest Ranger pin and membership card. Then you can go into the Clubhouse and catch up on all the fun you've been missing!

Junior Forest Ranger Booklet

Download your Adventure Guide (PDF, 23 MBs)

If you aren't sure you want to download the Junior Forest Ranger Adventure Guide, you might be interested in seeing some of the activities that are in it:

Draw a Smokey Bear poster

See what a healthy forest looks like

Learn how to use a compass

Find hidden things in a picture puzzle

Trace a path through a maze

You can get your own copy of the Junior Forest Ranger Adventure Guide right here
(PDF, 23 MBs).

We encourage you to print the guide and complete the activities. Make sure to get a signature on the Official Form from your parents, teacher, or another adult family member or friend. Then mail the form to the address in the guide:

Junior Forest Ranger
USDA Forest Service
National Symbols Cache
402 SE 11th St.
Grand Rapids, MN 55744-3955


You'll get an official JFR pin and membership card in the mail. The card has your own membership number that you can use as your password to get into the JFR Clubhouse.



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