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Welcome to your Junior Forest Ranger (JFR) Web site!

This is your place. Bring your family and friends and find new ways to enjoy the natural wonders of our national forests. There are lots of things to learn and do here. You'll see how you can make a difference.

You can also meet the leaders of the past here. They helped shape the way we care for our forests today. You might discover that you want to be a leader too, when you grow up. You can start right now. Wouldn't that be exciting?

Are you a Junior Forest Ranger yet? If you're not, please click here to find out how to become one. If you are already a Junior Forest Ranger, grab your JFR membership card and surf on over to the Clubhouse. We're always adding new things to do, so come back and visit the Clubhouse often!


Having good writing skills will help you succeed in life. You can practice your writing abilities and be creative by sending us your story. Tell us something interesting that happened to you while you were outside (at a forest, park, or camping site for example) completing your Junior Forest Ranger Adventure Guide.

Tell Us Your Story!

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