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Title: A Marketing Guide for Small and Medium Sized Primary Forest Products Processors

Author: Smith, Robert L.; Cesa , Edward T.; Rappold, Patrick M.

Year: 2008

Publication: USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area, State & Private Forestry, NA-TP-02-07CD,

Abstract: Written predominantly with the primary forest products processor in mind, this guide is intended to help further both small ideas and expansive visions. It explains marketing and its concepts, strategies and marketing methods used by small companies, market research methods, ways to locate customers, exporting and international markets, and the Internet and its role. Appendixes will guide you towards further assistance. Throughout these pages you will find case studies and examples of companies putting marketing strategies into practice. In addition, at the end of each chapter are questions intended to guide your thoughts and ideas. Each question, once considered and answered, will eventually facilitate your process of forming a marketing plan.

Online Access: (PDF)

Portable Document Format (.pdf) files need a free reader, available here.


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